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  1. I’ve been using ALLINTITLE a long time, and can’t imagine not having it. Do you use it regularly? Do you know some other ways (besides KGR) to use the search operator?

  2. Thank you Paul for sharing this wonderful information,

    Would be great if you can please explain (PAT) a bit more with examples, I fully understood SAT, which is # of search results shown on the first page of a google search result. but I have no idea what is (PAT) # of page results with all keywords in the title, to sum up, what exactly the differences between SAT & PAT?

    PS: as you mentioned (in Q3 of 2022) google has fixed the issue, can you please provide the link,

    Thanks for your good work

    1. Thanks for the question.. PAT is ‘Page Allintitle’ (the # of original page titles that include the search term words). Google sometimes changes the titles shown in the SERP to something they think is better (for some reason don’t fully understand, obviously). But that sometimes means the # of SAT or ‘SERP Allintitle’ can be different than PAT.

      In the SERP Overlay, we can highlight SAT (the in-SERP title) in yellow, but for PAT the original page title can only be seen if you click through to the site. So we put a little “PAT” flag next to the result instead.

      Also, note that when SERP Sonar does the KGR check it uses PAT. This is the title the original site owner chose, so this should be the one used to calculate KGR.

    2. As for Google ‘appearing to fix’ the issue, I was NOT referring to the inaccurate results when using the search operator. I was talking about a display issue that showed the wrong total results count on the first SERP (page); you had to click to the last page (usually page 3 or 4) to see the true total. But that weird total count display issue *appears* to have been fixed as I don’t see it in the wild anymore. There is no link because Google has said nothing about any of this. All my comments are based on observation and some research data (which I should be publishing soon). Thanks!

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